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Clinic Handouts

On this page, you can access a variety of handouts that Mike Vax makes available for students who attend his clinics. These handouts include much information about the mechanics of playing a brass instrument, as well as helpful insights on a variety of topics related to playing jazz or big band music.

Mike Vax Check List for Practicing

Successful Lead & Section Playing

Health, Surgeries, Oral Problems. Etc.

Teaching Jazz & Improv as History

Choosing a Mouthpiece

Trumpet Bores & Leadpipes

Breathing Exercises


Jazz and Big Band leader and event producer Mike Vax is very active in the music education field.  He has done concerts and workshops in both the classical and jazz idioms at over 3000 high schools, colleges and universities all over the world.  He is an international performing artist for the Warburton Instrument Company. Please review the site and select those areas of interest that suit you or your organization best. Mike Vax is also interested in providing Skype music lessons.